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I am feeling better; can I stop taking my antibiotic?
Continue to take your antibiotic until the entire prescribed amount is finished even if symptoms disappear after a few days. Stopping the medication too early may allow bacteria to continue to grow, which may result in a relapse of the infection. Generally antibiotics start working around day 3 of the course.

What is the difference between a brand and a generic medication?
When a new product is introduced to the market, the manufacturer assigns it a brand or trade name, different from its "chemical" name. Once the patent rights to the product expire [patent life varies depending on the time interval from initial discovery to approval by the MHRA], other companies are free to manufacture generic versions of the product provided they meet all the requirements the MHRA requires of the brand name drug. Generic drugs are regulated by the MHRA just like the brand name drug and must meet the same stringent standards to ensure safety and efficacy for their intended uses. A generic medicine cannot be substituted by a branded product. In most cases, you doctor will need to write a new prescription.

Do you need to have the original prescription or will a copy be enough?
The Medicines Act stipulates that we must be in receipt of the original prescription, and not a copy. You may fax a copy to the Pharmacy, who will get your prescription ready. However, on collection, your Pharmacist will need the original to verify and check the items.

I have a Private Prescription written by a Doctor who is not registered in the U.K. Can I get it dispensed here in the UK?
If you have a Private Prescription written by a Doctor who is not registered in the U.K. (e.g. France / Germany), then it can not be dispensed unless it is countersigned by a U.K. registered Doctor.

I don't want my child to have the combined MMR vaccine.
A private doctor in the UK might administer the vaccines separately for you if he or she could obtain them and if they were willing to take responsibility for any problems or side effects that might result after administration of the separate vaccines. You could ask your GP if any local paediatricians undertake private work, and then you could phone and ask if they would be prepared to help you. The only one of the separate vaccines freely available on the NHS is the rubella vaccine. This is licensed for use in babies over 12 months of age. I believe that supplies of the single measles vaccine are sometimes brought into the UK from counties such as Switzerland by certain wholesalers, but to obtain such a vaccine you would need a private prescription from your GP, and a pharmacist willing to track down such a wholesaler for you. You then have to find a doctor prepared to give the injection.

How can I obtain a print out of my medications for the past year(s)?
Contact your local pharmacy store to request a copy of your prescription history. The pharmacist can print your profile for you to pick up at your earliest convenience.

I didn't receive an information pamphlet with my prescription, how can I get one?
Medi-Mail Information Pamphlets are available through our website. You may need to register with us first. Select the "Drug Information" icon and enter the medication name into the search field.

This is an emergency. I need an answer immediately
If your question is of an urgent nature, please contact your local doctor or hospital. If this is a medical emergency, ring 999.

I am taking Warfarin as prescribed by my G.P., am I safe to take antimalarials?
Some antimalarials will affect Warfarin levels, and you should always check first with your Doctor before taking other medication.

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