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About Medi-Mail

Medi-Mail is first and foremost a club, for healthcare professionals, Our primary benefit is to give 24-7 info and advice on any healthcare matter. Most of our members need assistance whilst in surgery or seeing a patient and don't have time to look up the information they need. Our members have access to our direct dial team of Pharmacists, Doctors, Opticians and Nurses to get information and advice at their fingertips. Our Members are given a membership card which brings with it a huge variety of benefits, many of which are worth a great deal of money. Besides the monetary advantages, membership also brings the chance to enjoy a collection of goods, services, treats and practical help that we believe will make a serious difference to our members' lives. Most of what Medi-Mail has to offer can be accessed online through our website. Our mission is to bring you only the very best!

Our Members
We have over 100,000 members (GP's, Practice Managers, Nurses, and advisors) - almost all in pivotal positions either in GP practices, in Hospitals, in satellite medical units, in media and the DoH or otherwise prominent in society. Most of them are in high income brackets and they have a propensity to make significant decisions in medical and healthcare activities.

Through our partnerships, Medi-Mail has access to prescribing and cost analysis data, drug trials and results, practice based commissioning, payment by results and other products and services. With over 1,200 suppliers and 18,000 associated affiliations, Medi-Mail is able to offer the very best pharmaceutical advice and other services.



  • A unique high-profile members' club focused, in particular, on pharmaceutical advice and healthcare information.
  • A club made up of individual members - all pivotal in terms of corporate decision-making, political influence, celebrity status and personal wealth who have a propensity to make significant decisions in medical and healthcare activities.
  • Medi-Mail has access to insider information such as PACT data, provides prescribing formularies, and pharmaceutical advice together with other services such as speaker meetings and events whereby members meet for training and advice. With over 1,200 suppliers and 4,000 associated affiliations, Medi-Mail is able to offer the very best products and services.

The Team

Each member of Medi-Mail's team has years of experience and is an expert in his or her field, with a wealth of contacts and connections. All share a passion for quality wherever it is found and are committed to seeking it out for Medi-Mail's members.

Board of directors
Al Patel (CEO)
During the 15 years in the Pharmacy Industry, Al Patel Founded the 'Ask Your Pharmacist' section of The Daily Mail, Al made it a 'must read' on the agenda of every serious health addict and fitness fanatic, while also starting the paper's hugely successful Good Health Section. Now one of UK's most respected commentators on the healthcare market, he is consultant to many leading brands and publications. Previous accolades include: 'Pharmacy of the Millennium' title in 2000. Now a Supplementary Prescriber, he runs an Asthma and Dermatology clinic, the only such clinic in the Uk. As a film and food critic, he also writes for various publications, including Flicks and Zagat. He is overall responsible for the strategy of the Company, its international expansion and management of the Medi-Mail Team.

Fazil Mohammed | Group Commercial Director
Having graduated from London School of Economics. Fazil decided to take a turn in his career. Working with global financier Visa, Fazil, looked after its european operations, increasing its high net customers and forming links to develop more partners. Now back into the medical field, his wealth of contacts and expertise will enable Medi-mail to drive business across Europe, UAE and Asia.

Samantha Wouldl | Business Acquisitions Director
Samantha joined Medi-Mail in June 2001. Using her skills from Lehman Brothers, Samantha has created proprietary business development strategies and has utilised her skills and responsibilities raising finance, and leading the company from strength to strength. Samantha continues to lead Medi-Mail's strategic direction, overseeing sales activities, and manages Medi-Mails' operations abroad. Her responsibilities include the creation, structuring, and management of product development, strategic partnerships, brand, marketing, and product strategy solutions.

Renu Joshi | Founding Director
With skills in bio-technology and media, Renu has established herself as a multi-talented person. Renu was Account Executive of a radio station in Birmingham where she build up many clients before moving back into the healthcare field. She now heads the corporate accounts at Medi-Mail. Renu's passions are film, travel, music and dance.

Erum Sunka | Founder and Medical Director
Erum Sunka has been in the Clinical Trials sector with a leading firm for 12yrs. Working with Phase 2&3 clinical trials, her inside knowledge is an asset we would all like to grasp. She has many contacts in the Pharmaceutical field and is passionate for leading medical health and well-being. She has travelled extensively and enjoys meeting people from all cultures and backgrounds.Some of her interests include travelling, music, horse riding and sailing.

Medical Team:
David Murty MRPharmS (Independent Prescribing Pharmacist)
With many years practice as a pharmacist, David has seen many changes and has been involved in the retail aspect. Now qualified as a an Independent Prescriber, David runs a specialist warfarin clinic as well as being involved in forums which advise the DoH. An avid tennis player, David also loves the internet.

Dawn Heppel (Nurse with specialist skills)
Dawn or Sister Heppel runs a busy walk-in clinic in a GP practice. Having experience in many fields Dawn is an advisor to the medical industry and has been involved in trialling many services.

Dr Raymond O'brien (Asthma and Dermatologist specialist)
Ray finished his medical degree in Ireland and soon found his feet across the river in Manchester. Opening a string of surgeries, he soon made a name for good quality and care. He then moved to London where he runs a busy holistic clinic specialising in Dermatology, Hypnotherapy and Botox. Used by celebrities and CEO's, we've a better chance than most of getting past the waiting list!

Dr R Shah | BDS MSc Dental Surgeon
Dr Shah qualified in 1992 from King's College London. He has worked exclusively in the City since 1995. He took two years off to gain a masters degree in Conservative dentistry at the world-renowned Eastman Dental Institute. A member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) and a member of Association of Dental Implantology, British Society Of Occlusal Studies and the British Dental Association. He lectures on tooth whitening techniques to other dentists and is on the board of the British Dental Bleaching Society. He writes for a variety of magazines and has appeared on many television and radio interviews.

Randeep Walsal | Global Head of IT
With heavy experience with Siebel, Randeep was at the helm of 24-7 assistance with his former employers. With a field base, Randeep's IT technology provided help for AA as well as a Surrey based computer company.

Jason Gandhi
Working within the IT dept of a major Law firm in Holborn, Jason now looks after the overall IT strategy of Medi-Mail.

Advisory Board:
Bhavina Patel (Optometrist)
Bhavina graduated as a Physiotherapist from UCL London. Her great likening for reading took her to her second degree in Optometry. After training at Boots, she moved to another multiple where she gained skills in diagnosing and screening diabetics. As well as looking after many private high-profile clients, she also offers a mobile service!

Priya Patel (Optometrist)
Priya currently works for a major high street retail chain.

Darren Hasell (PBC specialist)
As well as looking after a practice in SE England, Darren is a Consultant Specialist in Practice-based commissioning (PBC). He has advised many PBC groups around the country as well as the DoH.

Samir Amin (Solicitor)
Samir graduated with a law degree and has worked on £billion corporate mergers. He now assists with all intellectual and corporate matters as well as expansion of Medi-Mail.

Debbie Brown | Nurse Specialist
With over 20 years experience in the NHS, on advisory PCT boards and in the medical field, Debbie brings to us an immense amount of experience in care. From her previous role in NHS Direct, Debbie has given us a faster step in the real direction of direct health.


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We've also a fantastic range of exclusive Dedicated Personal Concierge services from leading lifestyle provider PURE-LUXURY, where you'll have your own personal account manager. If you're interested please advise our membership department when they contact you.

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